How to Control Weight and Keep it Off

Many people struggle to maintain a healthy weight. They often have unhealthy eating habits and a lack of exercise. They also have emotional issues that lead to overeating. Some of these issues include stress, depression, anxiety, and fearfulness.

A diet high in fruits, nuts, and vegetables is important to control weight. Another strategy is to cut sugar and refined carbohydrates, including candy, sodas, and pastries.

Eating habits

If you eat poorly, it can lead to obesity and other health problems. Changing bad habits such as snacking or eating while watching TV can help you control your weight and improve your overall diet. Start by identifying your unhealthy habits and then finding healthy alternatives. For example, if you tend to snack while watching television or working at your desk, consider replacing those snacks with vegetables, low-fat or fat-free dairy and whole grains. You can also try to eat slower, which helps you better control how much you eat. Be sure to acknowledge the good eating habits you already have, such as choosing fruit for dessert or drinking low-fat milk.

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